I’ve read this book multiple times because I share the belief that while having talent and intelligence is important, possessing grit – a combination of passion and perseverance – is crucial in achieving one’s goals. It’s not uncommon to know brilliant individuals who haven’t been able to succeed.

Angela Duckworth’s “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance” delves into the importance of grit in achieving long-term success. The author stresses that passion and perseverance go hand in hand and complement each other. Passion ignites the initial drive and inner motivation to begin a journey, while perseverance guarantees that individuals remain dedicated and invest the time and effort to accomplish their objectives.

In today’s world, the abundance of information, the need for immediate satisfaction, and the distractions of technology can impede the growth of perseverance. These factors may lead to shorter focus spans, a fear of setbacks or failures, and a craving for instant outcomes, all of which can undermine the determination and sustained hard work required for perseverance. Nevertheless, the spread of information, access to inspirational stories, and the availability of resources on personal development can encourage people to develop perseverance in their lives.

I found Angela Duckworth’s book to be fascinating as it explores the qualities and behaviors of gritty individuals. It also suggests strategies to cultivate grit and maintain motivation for achieving long-term success.

1.           Find and nurture your passion.

2.           Set clear goals and break them down.

3.           Cultivate a growth mindset.

4.           Embrace effort and deliberate practice.

5.           Build resilience and learn from setbacks.

6.           Seek feedback and learn from mistakes.

7.           Practice self-discipline and self-control.

8.           Cultivate a supportive environment.

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