Here are selected quotes from “Are universities of the past still the future?” report.

What if the precipitous changes induced by COVID-19 pandemic are also signals that universities in advanced economies have reached peak international students, peak undergraduate degrees, peak campus and peak rankings? “

” by 2030, a quarter of universities in the US could go bankrupt, merge, restructure or close, as the sector is reinvented — with similar consolidation also likely in other countries. Survivors will need to have forged ever closer commercial relationships with industry, disrupted themselves or coalesced into new networks of alliances. “

“There is a tension in higher education between:

• The traditionalists (particularly in elite institutions), who look at the ever-rising prices and current demand profiles, and say that the model is secure

The revolutionaries, who look at falling birth rates, pressure on affordability, the costs and benefits of digitization, and emerging new competitors, and say that the current model is under existential pressure

Revolutions have been very few in higher education. But our thesis is that, while both opinions describe parts of the higher education landscape, the revolutionaries are describing the larger portion”

“Universities should evolve into a hybrid model that delivers world-class, flexible and personalized learning, where students can toggle between on-campus, blended and purely online learning, as their needs and preferences evolve.”

“The concept of the “flipped classroom” is widely accepted. Content is disseminated online, either asynchronously (recorded or self-guided) or synchronously (“live” or together in time but not place), rather than via mass in-person lectures, with learning reinforcement happening via classroom discussions rather than via self-study.”

“Those that figure out how to capture multiple markets and do multiple things with the technology are going to thrive and grow, and it is going to be at the expense of other schools.”

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